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Food diary: 9 feb


1/2 grapefruit, Apple and satsuma

Snack: banana


Homemade red pepper soup with chicken added
Mullerlight yogurt


Gammon, egg, chips (carrot and potato) beans, onion and mushrooms



Special K chewy (healthy extra b) crumbled into a glass with a weightwatchers toffee ice cream pot (4) 6 giant white choc buttons (3) whipped cream (1) and 10 mini marshmallows (1) and it was delish!!!!!

K x

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First weigh day being back on plan and my motivation techniques



Yesterday morning was my first weigh day after being back on plan. I was nervous and impatient as i wanted to see results. I have stuck to plan 100% and exercised so i was hoping to see a good loss, even though ‘aunt flo’ ¬†(sorry for TMI but she does make an impact on those scales ladies!) has made an unwelcome appearance. I stood on the scales and i was literally shaking (I’m not even exaggerating, you know that feeling you get when you’re a kid, you’ve done something wrong and you’re waiting to get found out, THAT). I had lost 2lbs.

Initially i was disheartened, i was hoping for a bigger loss than that, but when i stopped and thought about it 2lbs is still a loss. And this is only the start of a loooonnnnggggg journey that i have in front of me. Its a journey that i want to do safely and its a journey that once I’ve reached my final destination, i never want to go on again. If that means taking the slow and steady route then so be it!

I have made motivation jars to help me stay on track. I took two baby food jars (cleaned them out first, obvs!)one was empty, one was filled one with 65 little pegs, each peg represents a pound that i have to lose, each pound lost means a peg¬†swapped from the ‘pounds to lose’ jar into the ‘pounds lost’. It helps with motivation as its a visual representation of how far I’ve come.

i have also been using instagram a lot. I show my meals, snack ideas and i look at other peoples profiles for new ideas and inspiration. there are so many slimming world instagrammers you can’t help but feel motivated.

(my insta name is @kerryswift23 if your interested in a nosey!!)

Anyway i hope everyone has a good week, leave a comment if you can give me any more motivation ideas or anything else!!!!



K x


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How I make Slimming world work for me!

Im not saying I’m superslimmerknowitall lady, but have been able to loose weight on slimming world and it hasn’t been a MASSIVE struggle (I have wobbled at times but the majority of the time I don’t feel like I’m missing out), so I thought I would let you know how I handle the diet.

1) be organised – I like to do a food plan for the week, this not only lets me know what to buy at the weekly shop, but it also let’s me plan out my syns and healthy extras. So for example if one day im having a cheesy pasta for dinner, il know not to have milk in tea and coffee the rest of the day.

2) use superfree foods -when your hungry go for these, they are mostly (if not all??) fruits and veggies.

3) eat when you are hungry! – if you starve yourself you will only end up straying completely off plan when you give in and eat everything in sight!! This is why the slimming world plan is so brilliant, as long as at least 1/3 of your plate is superfree you can eat untill you are full.

4) read up – read up on the whole plan, you may find that red and green days might work better that week, or you might find new foods that are super speeds that you didn’t know about. The Internet will 9 times out of 10 give you any syn value you are after.

5) don’t give up your social life – you can still go out to restaurants, just read up online, make wise choices and stick within your syns.

6) use your syns – I find weeks I really cut back on my syns (less than 6 a day) I had rubbish losses.

7) don’t be disheartened- don’t let a small loss or a gain or maintain get you down and throw you completely off course, have you SEEN how much a pound of fat actually is!? If you gain or maintain have a look at your food diary to see where you may have gone wrong and any loss is a good loss!

As I said these are just a few tips which help me, I’m not a slimming world consultant and personally I still have a long way to go before I get to my target but I have seen results and know this plan works

K x

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Back at the gym

Today was my first day back at the gym after a few weeks off, I didn’t do too much as I find if I push too hard than I get a really bad headache? So I did 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill. I also went on the weight machine where you pull the long bar down (I don’t know what it’s called!) I always feel intimidated using the weight machines in case people think I’m doing it wrong, I know they probably don’t even notice me but it’s just one of those things. Anyway I was in a good mood today as its my first weigh day and even after my bad weekend (chips, pie, cake etc etc) I still managed to lose 6lbs! Woop to me.


This just shows me that the slimming world plan really does work for me, I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel deprived, I have more energy and more importantly I can incorporate the meals into the family menu.

After the gym i came home and cooked an AMAZING tea for me and an exhausted Mr Swift, we had steak, potatoes and veg, mine was 1 syn because of the gravy, well worth it!


Im now planning on going upstairs and having a nice relaxing lush bath bomb bath with a brew and a book! Have a good night everyone!

K x

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