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Food diary: 2nd and 3rd feb and 2nd weigh day!

I slacked a bit yesterday and forgot to post my diary! It’s a blip in the road that we will drive over and forget about, so today you lucky lucky people get TWO food diaries and an update from the scales!!

2nd feb
Breakfast: grapefruit, satsuma, Mullerlight yogurt

Lunch: chicken salad with fat free french dressing
Banana, melon


Dinner: Cajun spiced chicken, cauliflower rice and roasted veg


Snacks: options hot choc with marshmallows (3) Special K chewy (healthy extra b) Freddo (5)



8 syns for day

3rd feb

Grapefruit and melon, satsuma

Snack: Mullerlight yog, banana, Apple


Batchelors low fat chicken and herb super noodles, roasted veg and grilled chicken

Snack: Mullerlight yog, satsuma, Special K chewy (healthy extra b) Freddo (5) options hot choc and marshmallows (3)

8 syns for day

Today was weigh day and I felt soo much better getting on the scales than I did last week, I have been 100% on plan and although haven’t been to the gym as much as I should have i have been making a conscious effort to be more active in my day to day life.
And it showed on the scales with A 5lb loss. It’s not the most any ones lost in a week but im not competing with anyone. As long as the weight is coming off then im a happy bunny!!

K x

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First weigh day being back on plan and my motivation techniques



Yesterday morning was my first weigh day after being back on plan. I was nervous and impatient as i wanted to see results. I have stuck to plan 100% and exercised so i was hoping to see a good loss, even though ‘aunt flo’ ¬†(sorry for TMI but she does make an impact on those scales ladies!) has made an unwelcome appearance. I stood on the scales and i was literally shaking (I’m not even exaggerating, you know that feeling you get when you’re a kid, you’ve done something wrong and you’re waiting to get found out, THAT). I had lost 2lbs.

Initially i was disheartened, i was hoping for a bigger loss than that, but when i stopped and thought about it 2lbs is still a loss. And this is only the start of a loooonnnnggggg journey that i have in front of me. Its a journey that i want to do safely and its a journey that once I’ve reached my final destination, i never want to go on again. If that means taking the slow and steady route then so be it!

I have made motivation jars to help me stay on track. I took two baby food jars (cleaned them out first, obvs!)one was empty, one was filled one with 65 little pegs, each peg represents a pound that i have to lose, each pound lost means a peg¬†swapped from the ‘pounds to lose’ jar into the ‘pounds lost’. It helps with motivation as its a visual representation of how far I’ve come.

i have also been using instagram a lot. I show my meals, snack ideas and i look at other peoples profiles for new ideas and inspiration. there are so many slimming world instagrammers you can’t help but feel motivated.

(my insta name is @kerryswift23 if your interested in a nosey!!)

Anyway i hope everyone has a good week, leave a comment if you can give me any more motivation ideas or anything else!!!!



K x


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Weigh day- buuuhhhbbyyyeee first stone!

I did it! 1 stone down only 6 more to go! I was majorly happy when I stepped on the scales this morning as I had a few days where I wasn’t feeling great so although I stuck to my syns I didn’t eat as much superfree as I should have, and I also had a whole night completely off plan when I went out for tea, so to read that I lost 2 pound was a bit of a shock.

Im still doing the green tea challenge but can’t really tell if it has helped or not so I will carry on for another week.

Today has been a really good day, besides the result on the scales, I took oliver to Tescos to pick up a few bits and put him on the pepper pig roundabout ride thing, he absolutely loved it! He was bouncing and shouting (in a good way). Im so so glad that I videoed it because he just looks so happy!


At Tescos I bought a face mask as I have had a few spots recently, so I will give that a go tonight and let you know what I think!

When andy got home from work i headed to the gym and had achieved a major personal goal, hold on to your seats people……. I ran for 10 MINUTES!!
Now for most people I know that this is nothing, this is like a warm up for normal people, however a month ago I struggled to run for 2 consecutive minutes. So for me, 10 minutes is a massive achievement! I stayed on the treadmill for 30 mins, did 30 mins on both the cross trainer and the exercise bike and then faced my fears and ventured into the weights area! I only used the machines, i am no where near brave enough to venture into free weights territory but again this small step was an achievement.
According to the 3 cardio machines I was on i burnt a total of 600 calories, this is 6 frozen freddos!! So now in celebration I am going to go and eat 6 frozen Freddos. Joke. Although the old me (from a month ago) would have thought nothing of that! In reality im going to go and pamper myself with a bath and face mask.


Night all!!
K x

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