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Slimming world update and Food diary: 1st feb

January’s over!! Thank god, I didn’t feel like it was ever going to end.
It’s been an eventful month for me, I celebrated my baby’s 1st birthday, he’s started nursery and im back at work after over a year off!
Trying to stay on plan whilst starting back at work and managing the baby has been a bit of a shock to the system but as long as I stay organised and plan my week, im able to handle it.
I do a meal plan every week, this means I know what I need to prepare in the mornings (if im doing something in the slow cooker) and also makes sure im not duplicating meals.
I use the food plan to do a shopping list and then order my shopping online, it’s saves masses of time and stops those impulse chocolate buys at the till!!
So here’s a what I ate yesterday……

IMG_3693 grapefruit and satsuma
Lunch- leftover kfc chicken ( not counting healthy extra b on this as I used one slice of bread for it all on Saturday and counted it as Saturday’s healthy extra, I know this is probably wrong but it’s my logic!!)

Tea- went out and had steak salad with no dressing, steak was grilled but allowing 3 syns just in case there’s anything hidden there

Snack- hot choc (2& hea) marshmallows (1) Special K chewy (heb) weightwatchers ice cream pot (4.5)

Syns: 10.5 total, more than normal but im pleased with myself considering I was out AND TURNED DOWN CAKE!!!
Go me! 😜
K x

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