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Food diary: 9 feb


1/2 grapefruit, Apple and satsuma

Snack: banana


Homemade red pepper soup with chicken added
Mullerlight yogurt


Gammon, egg, chips (carrot and potato) beans, onion and mushrooms



Special K chewy (healthy extra b) crumbled into a glass with a weightwatchers toffee ice cream pot (4) 6 giant white choc buttons (3) whipped cream (1) and 10 mini marshmallows (1) and it was delish!!!!!

K x

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Food diary: 8th feb

Breakfast: Magic pancakes (actually Syn free this time!) with berries, banana and a muller yogurt


Lunch: left over chicken fried rice and a satsuma


Dinner: italian mince stuffed pepper with cous cous and salad


Snack: weightwatchers caramel mallow (3) Freddo (5) Special K chewy (healthy extra b)


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Food diary: 7th February


Big bowl of melon (shared with the baby!!)


Leftover steak and peri peri veggies with a salad and jacket potato


Chicken fried rice (see my recipe in the recipes tag)


White chocolate mocha (2 syns) Special K dark chocolate chewy (healthy extra b) metcalfes sweet n salt skinny popcorn (1/3 of a bag 6 syns)

K x

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Food diary: 6th feb and a catch up

You might have noticed I’ve been slacking a bit with this blog over the last few days but we’ve had a lot going on.
My husbands nana died last week and it was her funeral yesterday, it was a lovely ceremony for a truly wonderful woman.
We ended the day with a meal out with friends (a good way to end a hard day!) we went to an indian restaurant but I stayed on plan all day, keeping to my syns.

So here’s today’s food diary:

Banana chopped into banana custard Mullerlight, an apple some melon


Chicken, salad and half a mug shot

Snack: options orange hot chocolate (2 syns) and a satsuma


Steak, Peri peri vegetables and spiced wedges


This joyous creation!! Special K dark cho chewy bar (healthy extra b) weightwatchers toffee ice cream pot (4.5) light whipped cream (1) and 15 mini marshmallows (1.5)

Syns for day: 7

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Food diary: 30th jan


1/2 grapefruit and some honeydew melon (the best kind!)

Snack: Apple, satsuma, grapes, Mullerlight yoghurt


Gammon salad with jacket potato (a tiny one) and fat free french dressing (im really enjoying these salads at the mo!)

Snack: banana, satsuma


Home Made chicken fried rice


Weightwatchers ice cream pot (4.5 syns) weightwatchers caramel wafer mallow (2.5) Special K chewy (healthy extra b)

7 syns for day

K x

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RECIPE: syn free chicken fried rice

I literally cooked, ate and cleaned up this dish in the time it took for the hubby’s takeaway to turn up! It’s a winner if you’re after a speedy tea.

Handful of cooked shredded chicken
1 pack microwave brown rice
1 bag stir fry veg
1 egg
2 teaspoons chinese 5 spice
1 tablepoon light soy sauce
1 tablepoon dark soy sauce

Spray a wok with fry lite
Add the veg and cook for a few minutes while the rice is microwaving
Add the rice to the wok
Break the egg into the wok and stir continuously to scramble the egg
Add the soy sauces and 5 spice
Add the chicken and continue to stir on the heat until the chicken is cooked through!
It took me about 5 minutes and it was delicious!!

K x

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Food diary 28th jan

Breakfast- 1/2 grapefruit and a Mullerlight yogurt


Lunch- chicken salad


Snack- 2 satsumas and a banana

Tea- steak, potatoes, mixed veg


Snack- white chocolate mocha (3 syns) peanut hifi bar (HEB) and Freddo (5)

K x

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First weigh day being back on plan and my motivation techniques



Yesterday morning was my first weigh day after being back on plan. I was nervous and impatient as i wanted to see results. I have stuck to plan 100% and exercised so i was hoping to see a good loss, even though ‘aunt flo’ ¬†(sorry for TMI but she does make an impact on those scales ladies!) has made an unwelcome appearance. I stood on the scales and i was literally shaking (I’m not even exaggerating, you know that feeling you get when you’re a kid, you’ve done something wrong and you’re waiting to get found out, THAT). I had lost 2lbs.

Initially i was disheartened, i was hoping for a bigger loss than that, but when i stopped and thought about it 2lbs is still a loss. And this is only the start of a loooonnnnggggg journey that i have in front of me. Its a journey that i want to do safely and its a journey that once I’ve reached my final destination, i never want to go on again. If that means taking the slow and steady route then so be it!

I have made motivation jars to help me stay on track. I took two baby food jars (cleaned them out first, obvs!)one was empty, one was filled one with 65 little pegs, each peg represents a pound that i have to lose, each pound lost means a peg¬†swapped from the ‘pounds to lose’ jar into the ‘pounds lost’. It helps with motivation as its a visual representation of how far I’ve come.

i have also been using instagram a lot. I show my meals, snack ideas and i look at other peoples profiles for new ideas and inspiration. there are so many slimming world instagrammers you can’t help but feel motivated.

(my insta name is @kerryswift23 if your interested in a nosey!!)

Anyway i hope everyone has a good week, leave a comment if you can give me any more motivation ideas or anything else!!!!



K x


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Food diary 27th jan

Sorry it’s late I fell asleep soooo early last night!!
Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit, grapes, blueberries and satsuma and yogurt

Snack: kale crisps

Lunch: syn free chilli, lettuce leaf wraps, Mullerlight yogurt

Tea: chicken and noodles with stir fry veg

Snack: peanut hifi bar (healthy extra b) options hot choc (2 syns) Freddo (5)

7 syns total

I x

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Food diary: 26th jan

Breakfast: grapes, blue berries and satsuma

Lunch: leek and potato soup, chicken and batchelors golden rice
Mullerlight yog

Snack: banana

Dinner: syn free chilli with brown rice and veg

Snack: Special K chewy bar (heb) Freddo (5), cadburys highlights (2) with mini marmallows (1)

8 syns

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