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I had a week off plan, way way wayyy off plan.
Thought I would throw that out there for everyone, it was a manic week with so much going on so I had a week of enjoying myself and eating everything in sight but am back on track again this week (again!!).

Me and andy went to my favourite ever restaurant for dinner on Valentine’s Day. It’s a Turkish restaurant on manchesters deansgate, I had fish cakes to start and we shared a Turkish mixed grill for our main. Then Mr swift took me to see 50 shades of grey at the cinema, I loved it! Can we just take a second to appreciate the hotness of Jamie Dornan!

Monday I was invited to an overnight stay at the titanic spa with my friend, and I was thoroughly pampered and relaxed, I think it’s safe to say I was destined to be a woman who goes to spas and does lunch, but it was not the right environment to stick to slimming world!!

Then my dad came up to visit and made me a curry that I have been waiting years and years for.

So all in all its been a manic but lovely week however im dreading the results on the scales tonight but il let you know how I get on
K x

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Food diary: 6th feb and a catch up

You might have noticed I’ve been slacking a bit with this blog over the last few days but we’ve had a lot going on.
My husbands nana died last week and it was her funeral yesterday, it was a lovely ceremony for a truly wonderful woman.
We ended the day with a meal out with friends (a good way to end a hard day!) we went to an indian restaurant but I stayed on plan all day, keeping to my syns.

So here’s today’s food diary:

Banana chopped into banana custard Mullerlight, an apple some melon


Chicken, salad and half a mug shot

Snack: options orange hot chocolate (2 syns) and a satsuma


Steak, Peri peri vegetables and spiced wedges


This joyous creation!! Special K dark cho chewy bar (healthy extra b) weightwatchers toffee ice cream pot (4.5) light whipped cream (1) and 15 mini marshmallows (1.5)

Syns for day: 7

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Food diary: 29th jan

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: chicken salad with jacket potato, muller light yoghurt

Snack: melon, Apple, grapes

Tea: gammon, eggs, carrot and potato chips, roasted onions and peppers and beans

Snack: hot choc (3) Freddo (5) hi fi bar (healthy extra b)

First weigh day being back on plan and my motivation techniques



Yesterday morning was my first weigh day after being back on plan. I was nervous and impatient as i wanted to see results. I have stuck to plan 100% and exercised so i was hoping to see a good loss, even though ‘aunt flo’  (sorry for TMI but she does make an impact on those scales ladies!) has made an unwelcome appearance. I stood on the scales and i was literally shaking (I’m not even exaggerating, you know that feeling you get when you’re a kid, you’ve done something wrong and you’re waiting to get found out, THAT). I had lost 2lbs.

Initially i was disheartened, i was hoping for a bigger loss than that, but when i stopped and thought about it 2lbs is still a loss. And this is only the start of a loooonnnnggggg journey that i have in front of me. Its a journey that i want to do safely and its a journey that once I’ve reached my final destination, i never want to go on again. If that means taking the slow and steady route then so be it!

I have made motivation jars to help me stay on track. I took two baby food jars (cleaned them out first, obvs!)one was empty, one was filled one with 65 little pegs, each peg represents a pound that i have to lose, each pound lost means a peg swapped from the ‘pounds to lose’ jar into the ‘pounds lost’. It helps with motivation as its a visual representation of how far I’ve come.

i have also been using instagram a lot. I show my meals, snack ideas and i look at other peoples profiles for new ideas and inspiration. there are so many slimming world instagrammers you can’t help but feel motivated.

(my insta name is @kerryswift23 if your interested in a nosey!!)

Anyway i hope everyone has a good week, leave a comment if you can give me any more motivation ideas or anything else!!!!



K x


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RECIPE: cauliflower rice

I can’t really call this a recipe, it’s more of a method but im writing it down so I don’t forget!

Break a head of cauliflower into small chunks

Throw it into a food processor or blender and blitz

Put into a microwave safe bowl and cover with cling film

Microwave for 7 minutes, fluff up with a fork and your done!!

K x


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2015 goals…

It’s a bit late to be writing a post about new year resolutions but im feeling very determined at the minute so I thought I’d put them out there on the World Wide Web! I have stuck to them so far which is possibly the longest I’ve ever stuck to any resolution! So here they are:

1) Read more: I have a list of books that I want to read in 2015, this list is a compilation of books recommended to me, books I’ve seen advertised and books by authors I have read and enjoyed previously, so far I have read 1 book off of this list!!

2) take care of my skin: this means drinking more water, taking my make up off every night, developing a proper skin care routine and give my skin make up ‘rest days’.(im considering a skin care routine blog post)

3) be less bitchy: sometimes I run my mouth off waaayyyy too much, and in some cases its undeserved and many a time it’s got me into some sticky situations so this year i resolve to watch what I say about people and remember what my mummy taught me, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”.

4) be more chilled! : I have anger issues, I let myself get all riled up over the smallest of things, but it doesn’t get me anywhere. So im going to try and let more things go and not affect me in a negative way, this is especially relevant now im back at work

5) lose weight: I think about 90% of people must have this as a new year resolution! Im determined that this year I will get to my goal weight which I have never done before

So that’s them! So far I think I’ve done a good job of sticking to them but wish me luck!

K x

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Im back…..

Hello! So my diet was well and truly put by the wayside over christmas but now I’m back at work (end of maternity leave :-() and back on the slimming world band wagon.
I started food optimising again yesterday so will put up yesterday’s food diary on.
I think it is going to be easier to to stick to it while I’m at work as I won’t be at home with nice food tempting me! But il see how it goes, wish me luck!!!
Olivers first christmas was amazing!! We loved every minute of it, I think he will take after his mummy and have Christmas spirit running through his veins and take after his daddy with his love of golf!


We also celebrated his birthday on New Year’s Day and it was safe to say he was spoilt rotten! We have SOOO many toys now we don’t know what to do with them all.
Now I’m back at work Oliver is splitting his time between his nana and grandads and nursery. That first nursery drop off was a killer, he cried when I left him and I could hear him crying from down the stairs. What made it worse was i couldn’t go home and cry myself, I had to put a brave face on it and go to work!! 😦
Anyway gradually we are all settling into our new routines but we all just have to take it one day at a time
K x

Weigh day – tiptoeing onto those scales

So as I said the other day the diet veered a little off course over the weekend. When I say a little off course I think it ended up in Spain! But now it’s back under my feet and im on track.
Today Is weigh day, I knew I would be seeing a gain it was just how much that gain would be. So +3 pounds isn’t great, but it’s deserved because of the the amount of crap I put into my mouth! Im not going to wallow in it, im hitting the gym tonight and have done my weekly food plan so hopefully the numbers will go down again next week!!

K x

Food diary 8 dec

Breakfast – Mullerlight yog

Lunch – pasta, chopped peppers, onions, courgettes, tuna and fat free french dressing

Dinner – nandos: plain chicken, skin removed, side salad and corn on the cob

Snack- Mullerlight yog, Special K chewy bar

Healthy extra a – milk through day, no syns to account for weekend!

Date night

So I didn’t do a food diary last night as it was date night and I didn’t have a clue how many syns I had!

Yesterday started out really well with an attempt at making quinoa porridge and an early morning trip to the gym, then I met andy, who was there to play golf, in the clubhouse for a drink (just a diet coke for me!)


But that evening andy took me to my favourite restaurant EVER for dinner. If you live local to manchester and you have never tried Cafe Istanbul in the town centre, you need to get yourself down there! It is amazing, I always have the same, fish cakes with a mango sauce to start and we share a Turkish mixed grill as the main.
The night got even better when I suggested a trip to the christmas markets which were only round the corner. It’s a tradition that every year we go out together to choose a new ornament for the Christmas tree so we got that while we were at the markets.

I am like a big kid when it comes to christmas, and today after weeks of battling I was finally allowed to put the Christmas tree up!! It was a bit more of a challenge than usual because oliver wanted to help, although his version of helping was playing with the glittery balls! But with the yankee candle sugared Apple jar burning (which smells soooo good, my current fave, sweet and christmassy!) and the christmas songs playing, I am now officially in the Christmas mood!!

K x




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