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Baby on board

So I’ve not posted in a couple of days because we went on a little family trip down to my Mums. Little Mr Swift was as good as gold on the 4 hour journey there on Friday and the 3 hours back again today (Sunday) so I thought I would share some tips that I have found useful for long car journeys with a baby. (This may all be rubbish for you and your child but like I say it’s just what helps me with Oliver)


1) try if possible to travel straight after they have eaten- be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, if my baby has eaten he is happy. If you have a baby who suffers with wind then this may not be as successful.

2) toys – If I’m travelling on my own with Oliver I know I won’t be able to fetch toys that have been dropped so I like to make sure he has a couple clipped to his clothes to make sure he’s always got something to entertain him.

3) Dummy – Oliver has a dummy normally only at bed time however long car journeys are an exception, again I have a dummy clip to keep it from falling to the great abyss (the car floor!) if it is a really long journey I might clip two or three to him to really make sure he can find it

4) ipad – We have a headrest holder for the iPad so Oliver can watch it, I keep it for long journeys only though as i don’t want it to get to the stage where he has to have the iPad on for every car journey. The iPad is loaded up with Mickey Mouse, sheriff Callie and chuggington episodes which play on a loop (this may be a good thing for the baby but a very very very bad thing for my poor ears!)

4) food – nope, just nope, I have a major thing about possible choking while I’m driving and me not being able to get to him, so for me this is just a no no

5) sun shade – sun in the eyes has caused some tears in the past few months. A good sunshade for the car can be a godsend!

6) comfy clothes – says it all really!

Hope this might be of some help to some one

K x

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