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LUSH – the comforter


This was my first bubble bar, but it won’t be my last. I have been wanting to try a bubble bar for the last few months but kept getting distracted by the bath bombs until today!
I was 100% convinced to buy this on the smell alone, I would have got it if it was a bomb, soap or anything else!! It’s smells amazing, like hot vimto! The name definitely suits the product, it’s soothing and relaxing and like being given a warm fruity hug!!


I crumbled about a third of the bar under the tap and got SOOO many bubbles! I run my baths really deep so the product goes a long way, I will get two more big baths from this. Aside from the amazing smell and masses of bubbles, it left my skin feeling so soft and cleansed (and it turned the bath water bright pink!!), I love it. Although I may have to fight Andy for the remainder of the bar as he seemed to like the smell!

K x


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Mending a broken fingernail

I’ve seen on a few websites how you can repair a broken fingernail with a teabag. So after grating my fingernail on the cheese grater last night I thought I would give it a try and let you lot know how I got on!!

My broken nail 😦


I cut open the teabag and emptied the contents out then cut a small square out of the teabag.



Then I painted my nail with the nails inc a&e base coat and while it was still wet put the teabag square over the break and cut to size.



I did another coat of the a&e base coat and waited for it to dry.


Once the base coat was dry I did two thin layers of nail varnish. This is the h&m one in midnight passion.


Mended nail! 🙂


I finished up with a coat of Nail HQ gel top coat and my nail is mended! You can’t see where the break was at all! I will definitely be trying this again!

K x

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Rimmel wonder’full mascara

When it comes to mascara im a Benefit girl. I love love love love love the Theyre real! mascara and use it all the time. However when I saw the new Rimmel one in the shop I thought I would give it a go as my trusty They’re real was running low and im hoping santa brings me a new one for xmas! Im not going to lie I didn’t even read what the product promised, I was 100% sold on the packaging! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I do sometimes maybe judge a Beauty product by its packaging!


It’s metallic and grown up looking on the shelf next to rimmels existing mascaras. I got mine on offer in asda for just under £5 which is a big step down from my usual Benefit product.
Wonder’ful eyes mascara contains argan oil which seems to be in everything at the moment!
The Rimmel website claims the mascara is clump free, defining and volumising, which after testing it out I do agree with, although it felt like a lot of hard work to get there. It seemed as though I had to keep combing the brush through my lashes to get any kind of result.


Overall I was happy with the end result and will carry on using the tube I have but I’m not convinced I will buy it again.

K x

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Lush northern lights bath bomb

Wow, wow, wowy, wowzers.
I thought I would try out this bath bomb after trying a few other lush products and hearing some pretty good things about this one. I bought it, tried it and loved it!
It cost £3.50 but it’s pretty hefty in size and so I think worth it.


It’s long and purple and looks like one of those giant pavement chalks you had sis a kid, but when you look closely there’s little white stars.

IMG_0350.JPG (don’t you love the under the sea bath stickers!? Haha)

Literally as soon as I dropped it in the bath there was this explosion of purple and fragrance. It’s not the typical sickly sweet scent that I normally go for, it’s a more grown up, relaxing floral smell (according to those floral smells are jasmine and ylang ylang, well I learn something new everyday!)


After a few seconds the surprise of blue and yellow start to show themselves, It just reminded me of those pictures of the galaxy!

After the initial dramatics of the drop and fizz, the colour calms down to a lilac colour with little white stars floating about in your bath!

(you might not be able to see the stars too clearly, I was afraid to get my ipad too close to the water!)

It doesn’t just look and smell amazing though, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling great for hours after. Those little stars I mentioned earlier are like little blobs of moisturiser which sit and soak into your skin. This bath was a thoroughly relaxing experience and I might be treating myself to the northern lights bath bomb a few more times before the end of the season!!

K x

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Nail HQ gel top coat

My nails are my frenemy. I love having nice looking nails and experimenting with colours and trends. I will spend ages painting them and waiting for them to dry then I’ll smudge them or they’ll chip within two seconds. If by some miracle of miracles they dry perfectly and remain u chipped then I will sit and peel the varnish off! Mad I know but it means that very rarely do my nails look good. However all that is about to change with the discovery of Nail HQ gel top coat. I LOVE it!


I got mine from Tesco and I think it was around £7.

I put my base coat on, then two coats of my chosen varnish, this is one I got as part of a set for my birthday, by no means a premium brand (I don’t even know where it’s from) but I adore the colour.


I then do two coats of the gel top coat. It drys quickly and leaves a glossy finish. It also contains optical brighteners to really make your colour pop.


This polish has been on my fingers for five days (!!) thats a record for me, I have had maybe two chips in the whole time but I just touched them up with the polish and did another layer of the gel top coat. Also with many other polishes and top coats the more layers you do the longer it takes to dry but I haven’t found this to be an issue at all with the top coat, baring in mind by the time I came to do the touch up there was already seven layers of products on my nails and it still dried in only a couple of minutes!

I really rate this product and would recommend to anyone as it makes it so easy to have presentable nails and is SO much cheaper than making trips to the nail salon!

K x

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Sugar Apple nails…..

I first saw the Barry m Gelly nail varnish in Sugar Apple on a YouTube vid and fell in love with it so I had to try it out.

(Excuse the smudges on the bottle, I’m not the neatest person!)

The first coat of this was a little bitty and didn’t have the best coverage. I had to apply three coats to get a decent cover of colour but this is a pastel shade so i did anticipate having to do an extra coat. Three coats meant quite a lengthy drying time which isn’t always achievable with a baby about so i might keep it for those nights I’m treating myself and having a bit of a pamper. Overall I rate this, it may not be a quick swipe and go job but if your willing to put the time in it gives you get a great result!

K x


I finished up with a coat of the Nail HQ gel top coat to make it super shiny and lasting.

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