I have never been good at these things! I dreaded school report time as we had to fill in a personal report about ourselves! I would spend an hour deliberating over what to write and end up with nothing…. Anyhoo here goes

My name is Kerry (as you might have guessed by the blog title!) I’m 25, I live in Manchester, I am a wife, a mummy, an office worker and a bit of a klutz! I love crafty things, reading, watching tv and hair and beauty products so this blog will be a bit of all of that, and a few other things that my imagination comes up with!

This blog will also document my mission to get healthier and happier. I am currently following the Slimming world eating plan to loose a massive amount of weight in order to get healthy. My food diary will be posted on here as well as some recipes that we enjoyed so that i can keep track, keep organised and keep ideas in my head!

This is my first blog so if by some kind of miracle you have stumbled on my ramblings please bear with me I’m hoping I will get better, and if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know!

K x

PS. you can take a look at my;

Pintrest at http://www.pintrest.com/kerryswift23

Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/kerryswift23

(seeing a pattern emerging here??)



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