Crafts: candy cane wreath

I went to my friends today for a bit of a craft day, one of the things I worked on i will show you in another post, but Clare had the idea to make these …


It’s a candy cane wreath in case you didn’t know from the title.

We each took 2 boxes of candy canes and used sellotape to tape them straight side to straight side


Then we took each pair and put them together in a circle shape


We taped all the short sides together then put a cardboard circle in the middle and taped that down.
We used a lot of tape so next time I would use a glue gun as it might be a bit more secure.
I covered the cardboard centre with felt and added some foam shapes and i twisted a sparkly pipe cleaner at the top to hang the wreath from.


I think this will make a cute decoration for the house and you can eat it after (all the candy canes are still sealed!!)

K x

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