Weigh day – tiptoeing onto those scales

So as I said the other day the diet veered a little off course over the weekend. When I say a little off course I think it ended up in Spain! But now it’s back under my feet and im on track.
Today Is weigh day, I knew I would be seeing a gain it was just how much that gain would be. So +3 pounds isn’t great, but it’s deserved because of the the amount of crap I put into my mouth! Im not going to wallow in it, im hitting the gym tonight and have done my weekly food plan so hopefully the numbers will go down again next week!!

K x


5 thoughts on “Weigh day – tiptoeing onto those scales

  1. wantneedwill says:

    water weight can play some heavy (pun intended) tricks on the scale, just keep going and I’m sure next week’ll be better!


  2. gemmaalison says:

    Don’t be hard on yourself, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of indulging. ‘Behave’ on days when you can and enjoy the other days when your off out. x


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