Drawing a line in the sand

It’s time for me to confess my syns, oh wait I can’t because there’s too many of them!
It all started on Friday afternoon, I was getting the christmas chocs ready and I gave in to temptation. Turns out my willpower can’t withstand piles of chocolates in my hands. So I ate numerous chocolates (at 2.5 syns each) then we went out for tea as my dad and his family were up, I ate a chicken thing with breaded mushrooms AND chips, although I did turn down ice cream so that’s something. Saturday we went out shopping and had macdonald a for lunch (I had a cheeseburger happy meal) THEN we went out for my mother in-laws birthday to TGIS where there is literally NOTHING slimming world friendly on the menu, so I had chicken quesadillas, with chips and garlic bread. Then Sunday we went to the Christmas markets where I ate German sausage with potatoes, glazed nuts, coconut macaroons and sweets and had takeaway pizza with Donner meat, garlic bread and wedges for dinner!!!
I am against self shaming but the sheer amount that I ate and the type of foods that I ate does disgust me a little bit, but I’m drawing a line in the sand and moving on from it.

So tomorrow is weigh day and I will be shocked if I haven’t undone all the hard work of the last few weeks! Il post my food diary up later but so far I have been good. We are going out for nandos tonight but I think I’m having plain chicken, no skin, with a side salad but I shall let you know!!

K x

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