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Food diary 11 dec

Breakfast – Apple, yoghurt and satsuma

Lunch – Special K chewy bar (healthy extra b)

Dinner – ratatouille, chicken and cous cous (check out recipe)

Options orange hot choc with koko dairy free chocolate milk (2 syns and healthy extra a)

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RECIPE: chicken ratatouille and cous cous

Serves one (large portion)
1/4 of a courgette, sliced
1 small onion, sliced
1/4 yellow pepper, sliced
1/4 red pepper, sliced
5 mushrooms, whole
1 carton garlic and herb pasata
Worcestershire sauce
Chicken stock cube
Cous cous
3 chicken mini fillets

Spray baking dish with fry lite

Lay chicken fillets in dish

Add all veg, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and pasata.

Mix together, cover with foil and put in the oven on a high setting for an hour

After 45 mins put the cous cous in the serving bowl, add boiling water and stock cube and cover with a plate. Leave for 15 mins.

Fluff cous cous up with a fork and dish up chicken and veggies and voila!!


K x

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Crafts: candy cane wreath

I went to my friends today for a bit of a craft day, one of the things I worked on i will show you in another post, but Clare had the idea to make these …


It’s a candy cane wreath in case you didn’t know from the title.

We each took 2 boxes of candy canes and used sellotape to tape them straight side to straight side


Then we took each pair and put them together in a circle shape


We taped all the short sides together then put a cardboard circle in the middle and taped that down.
We used a lot of tape so next time I would use a glue gun as it might be a bit more secure.
I covered the cardboard centre with felt and added some foam shapes and i twisted a sparkly pipe cleaner at the top to hang the wreath from.


I think this will make a cute decoration for the house and you can eat it after (all the candy canes are still sealed!!)

K x

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Food diary 10 dec

Breakfast – egg, bacon, mushrooms, beans, onions, peppers, courgette

Lunch – banana

Tea – chilli with rice

Options orange hot choc made with chocolate dairy free coconut milk (AMAZING!) healthy a and 2 syns

Special K chewy bar (healthy extra b)

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Food diary 9 dec

Breakfast – Mullerlight yog, tuna pasta salad (weird I know it was leftovers and it was all prepared and I was hungry) banana

Lunch – fat free chicken super noodles with brocolli

Snack- Special K chewy (healthy extra b), grapes

Tea – chicken and veg stir fry, satsuma

Options hot choc (2 syns) with coconut milk (healthy extra a)

Only 2 syns today, im flexi synning as im away for fake christmas at the weekend!

K x

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Weigh day – tiptoeing onto those scales

So as I said the other day the diet veered a little off course over the weekend. When I say a little off course I think it ended up in Spain! But now it’s back under my feet and im on track.
Today Is weigh day, I knew I would be seeing a gain it was just how much that gain would be. So +3 pounds isn’t great, but it’s deserved because of the the amount of crap I put into my mouth! Im not going to wallow in it, im hitting the gym tonight and have done my weekly food plan so hopefully the numbers will go down again next week!!

K x

Food diary 8 dec

Breakfast – Mullerlight yog

Lunch – pasta, chopped peppers, onions, courgettes, tuna and fat free french dressing

Dinner – nandos: plain chicken, skin removed, side salad and corn on the cob

Snack- Mullerlight yog, Special K chewy bar

Healthy extra a – milk through day, no syns to account for weekend!

Salt dough gift tags

A few weeks ago I made salt dough for the first time and I used it to do Olivers footprint. (Click here for the recipe)
The other day I gave it another go to make gift tags and decorations for Christmas.

Once I had made the dough, I rolled it out and used cookie cutters to make christmas shapes, then I used a straw to poke holes through for ribbon.


After baking for 3 hours I painted the trees and stockings with poster paint and glazed the stars with PVA glue.
I used sharpie pen to write the name on and threaded ribbon through it to use it as a gift tag for my Christmas wrapping!


K x

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Drawing a line in the sand

It’s time for me to confess my syns, oh wait I can’t because there’s too many of them!
It all started on Friday afternoon, I was getting the christmas chocs ready and I gave in to temptation. Turns out my willpower can’t withstand piles of chocolates in my hands. So I ate numerous chocolates (at 2.5 syns each) then we went out for tea as my dad and his family were up, I ate a chicken thing with breaded mushrooms AND chips, although I did turn down ice cream so that’s something. Saturday we went out shopping and had macdonald a for lunch (I had a cheeseburger happy meal) THEN we went out for my mother in-laws birthday to TGIS where there is literally NOTHING slimming world friendly on the menu, so I had chicken quesadillas, with chips and garlic bread. Then Sunday we went to the Christmas markets where I ate German sausage with potatoes, glazed nuts, coconut macaroons and sweets and had takeaway pizza with Donner meat, garlic bread and wedges for dinner!!!
I am against self shaming but the sheer amount that I ate and the type of foods that I ate does disgust me a little bit, but I’m drawing a line in the sand and moving on from it.

So tomorrow is weigh day and I will be shocked if I haven’t undone all the hard work of the last few weeks! Il post my food diary up later but so far I have been good. We are going out for nandos tonight but I think I’m having plain chicken, no skin, with a side salad but I shall let you know!!

K x

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Food diary 4 dec – a very eggy day

Breakfast- Ham and mushroom omelette

Lunch – none again!

Snack – Special K chewy (healthy extra b) skimmed milk latte (healthy extra a)

Dinner – syn free egg fried rice

Snack – frozen Freddo (5 syns)

Total – 5 syns

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