The Green tea challenge

Recently i have been looking into different health foods and the benefits they supposedly offer, most recently this has been green tea. Green tea originates from the same “Camellia sinensis” plant as regular black tea, the difference is made depending on how the leaves are processed.

There are numerous suggested health benefits to drinking Green tea, one of which being weight loss, with different reports and studies offering different theories and results. As well as weightless, it is suggested that green tea can help regulate glucose levels, reducing the risk of diabetes, reduce the risk of heart disease and various cancers, prevent tooth decay and go some way to prevent depression.

So i am going to give it a go, while still sticking to the Slimming World diet plan, i am going to attempt the Green Tea challenge. I am going to be drinking five cups of Green Tea a day, either hot or cold, to see if it has any affect on my weight loss. I won’t be changing the way i go about my eating, i will still be having three proper meals a day as well as snacks. Since i weigh myself only once a week, i am going to carry out the challenge (or attempt to) for two weeks.

I will be using plain green teabags, however i may add sugar free squash to combat the taste (I’m not mad keen on it!)

So wish me luck! i will let you know how i get on

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