Steak night….

Oliver had a sleepover at his nana and grandads last night so I woke up this morning child free! Did I have a lie in, savouring the peace and the comfort of my bed (which is AMAZING by the way!)? NO! I hauled my fat bum out of the ultimate comfort pod that is my bed and got myself down to the gym! And im bloody proud of myself for doing it! 3 months ago I would have maybe considered going to the gym but when it came to actually going i just couldn’t be bothered.

So I got up had a quick breakfast of chopped fruit and got down to the gym, worked up a bit of a sweat (read looked like an overheating drowned dog) then came home for a shower with my cheesy country music playlist blasting from the speakers! Had a little boogie and made the most of having the house to myself!
After I picked oliver up he slept allll afternoon, he was so worn out after his sleepover, bless him, so we had a cuddle and a snooze together on the sofa.
We had my in-laws over tonight for a steak dinner, done slimming world style, they all seemed to enjoy they’re syn free meal, I know I did!

K x

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