Hazelnut dessert nespresso pods!

Hi! Oliver was a lot better today so we took a family trip out…. To the trafford centre, exciting times! Hehe, we went to Lush do I could drop a few hints to the hubby (ahem northern lights bath bomb, the comforter, cough ahem cough), husband got some new trainers and I paid a little visit to nespresso! Can I just take a moment to say how fantastic the customer service is in that place! Im sorry I didn’t get any of the staff names but every meet of staff we spoke to were outstanding! Anyway the reason we went in, as you may have seen in my post yesterday, was to pick up some of the new limited edition variation grand crus. There are 3 new variations in dessert flavours: mint chocolate, Apple crumble and hazelnut dessert. In store I tried Apple crumble but bought home hazelnut dessert and mint chocolate.


The minute I got through the front door the Nespresso was brewing up! I tried the hazelnut one as I didn’t taste that in store (I took it as given that I would like it!) and I wasn’t disappointed!



My hazelnut dessert latte


It was really nice, it’s definitely sweeter than the regular grand crus with a hazelnut taste complimenting the coffee. The benefit is you don’t need to add flavoured syrups or anything which is where you start accumulating syns! My coffee was completely syn free as I was within my milk allowance for The day!
So if you have a nespresso machine and like flavoured coffees, get your bum down to a nespresso shop or get ordering the new limited edition variation grand crus before you miss your chance!!!

K x


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