And breathe…..

Well the last 3 days have been EXHAUSTING! Oliver has been so grizzly and whiny due to teething so he has wanted to be cuddled and held constantly. Now as much as I love cuddling my little man it starts to get hard work when you need to do other things.
So this morning I took him on a wander to Tescos as he normally loves riding in the trolly and mummy needed to pick up some bits.
This was not a successful trip, he squealed and whinged the whole way round! However i did pick up some more freddos (essential) and I discovered that my local store sells beanies flavoured coffee! I have been looking at this online and wanting to try it as I LOVE trying new and flavoured coffees.
My store only had amaretto and Irish cream flavours, I tried the Irish cream one and I am sold! The Irish cream flavour is definitely there without overpowering the taste of the coffee. I will definitely be ordering some more flavours from their website (I really want to try christmas pud flavour) and best of all its syn free!!
In related coffee news Andy got the Neapresso newsletter yesterday (best xmas present he ever got me!) announcing the new limited edition seasonal grand crus. The new flavours are Apple crumble, chocolate mint and hazelnut dessert! Needless to say I want to try them all! I will be breaking my personal rule of not going near the trafford centre after October (it gets ridiculously busy near xmas) and making a trip this weekend. Il let you know what they are like!
As I said the last few days have been hectic so I was sooo grateful to get out of the house for some ‘me’ time at the gym. Im really enjoying my sessions now, I know I’m working hard and I might suffer in the morning but I’m improving my body. Each time I can see myself being able to go further or faster and each time it makes me feel proud! Don’t get me wrong my fitness levels are still abysmal but now I can actually run continuously for 5 minutes! I have never been able to do that before, it may seem minuscule to most people but for me this is a massive achievement.
K x

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