A blustery walk

Well what a miserable day today was weather wise!! Little Mr swift has been poorly the last couple of days with the surprise appearance of a new tooth! He has five now and this has definitely been the worst of the bunch.
So because he has been cooped up in the house for a couple of days i thought a walk would blow the cobwebs away for both of us, and it was an excuse to test out the new buggy! He seemed to like it and that’s the main thing. I also put him in his teddy bear snow suit which i absolutely LOVE! Cuddling him while he’s wearing it is like cuddling a real wriggly bear.


We only walked round the block but as its a non- gym day it was a good way to get some exercise in, then we popped to the shops to get some essentials (read absolutely not essential items eg. Chai teabags, the new slimming world magazine and a candle!)
Then we went to meat mart to stock up the freezer (the place is absolutely amazing, so cheap and the quality of the meat is so good!)
Now I’m going to bath and put oliver to bed so I can get on with mine and andys tea (which im very excited for, but check out my food diary for that)
Night all!!
K x

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