Falling Off The Wagon?

I soo needed this post after today! Thanks! 🙂

Lifting Beauty

You hear it all the time. “Oh, I fell off the wagon on the weekend. I was SO bad!”.

People say it in such a way that it seems like they had absolutely no control over the situation whatsoever. “I just couldn’t help it”, they make it sound like they were a chained monster who shook loose and got to the cake.

I’ve just realised, I have said in a post that I haven’t “fallen off the wagon” ever in my weight loss.

Which is correct, in my initial weight-loss I didn’t. But, in my maintenance I have had my fair share of not so great foods.

I noticed that I made it sound like I eat perfectly all the time. I definitely DO NOT. I’m nowhere near perfect with my diet, except lately I’ve been pretty bloody good. But before that? Nope.

I don’t consider making a conscious decision…

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