Dieting maths

Oopsy, I got led off the slimming world path… a big old piece of carrot cake (it wasn’t old it was actually very fresh). Iv just looked it up and it’s 24 syns!
Anyone who follows the slimming world plan knows that your allowed between 5-15 syns a day, I aim for about a maximum of 8. So I need to dispose of those unwanted syns somehow.
I don’t normally go to the gym at the weekend, however I had planned to go tomorrow (Saturday) even before the cake, for some much needed mummy time! So here’s where the maths comes in……
15 syns maximum a day
24 syns for carrot cake
24-15 = 9 too many syns

20 calories per syn
9 x 20 = 180
Therefore as long as I burn at least 180 calories at the gym tomorrow it will be like that carrot cake was just a delicious dream!

Except it wasn’t, it was me tripping up. But I have acknowledged it, where as before I would have used it as an excuse to carry on eating rubbish and destroying my body, this time I have drawn the line and crossed over it and am now back on track!
(If anyone managed to stay with me during this rambling thumbs up and a gold star to you!!!)

K x

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2 thoughts on “Dieting maths

  1. Katie Asken says:

    I always fall into that trap! “Well, I’ve gone one syn over which means I now have to eat everything in sight!” Well done for stepping past it! Xx


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