My reasons for wanting to lose weight

I have tried a number of times to lose weight, and although the numbers on the those scales have come down, I don’t think any attempt has been successful because although I did lose weight, I went back to my old eating habits and so I’m back on the slimming world wagon again.
So I thought I’d write WHY I feel the need to lose weight, to remind myself when I get the cravings to eat off plan, why I’m doing this.
So here goes….
1) health – obvious really, I want to be healthy!
2) Oliver – I want Oliver to be proud of me. I want him to not be ashamed when his friends see me, and i want to be able to play with him, run around after him and climb that climbing frame without fear of breaking it or getting stuck
3) Andy – I want my husband to be proud of me! (As shallow as that might sound)
4) Me – I want to be able to fit in the clothes that are currently stored in the “currently slightly too small” box (and ‘slightly’ being a massive understatement). I want to be able to go into the fashionable shops and buy the current trends without worrying about looking silly.

So there it is, they are the main reasons I’m on this slimming world mission!
Wish me luck
K x

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