Nail HQ gel top coat

My nails are my frenemy. I love having nice looking nails and experimenting with colours and trends. I will spend ages painting them and waiting for them to dry then I’ll smudge them or they’ll chip within two seconds. If by some miracle of miracles they dry perfectly and remain u chipped then I will sit and peel the varnish off! Mad I know but it means that very rarely do my nails look good. However all that is about to change with the discovery of Nail HQ gel top coat. I LOVE it!


I got mine from Tesco and I think it was around £7.

I put my base coat on, then two coats of my chosen varnish, this is one I got as part of a set for my birthday, by no means a premium brand (I don’t even know where it’s from) but I adore the colour.


I then do two coats of the gel top coat. It drys quickly and leaves a glossy finish. It also contains optical brighteners to really make your colour pop.


This polish has been on my fingers for five days (!!) thats a record for me, I have had maybe two chips in the whole time but I just touched them up with the polish and did another layer of the gel top coat. Also with many other polishes and top coats the more layers you do the longer it takes to dry but I haven’t found this to be an issue at all with the top coat, baring in mind by the time I came to do the touch up there was already seven layers of products on my nails and it still dried in only a couple of minutes!

I really rate this product and would recommend to anyone as it makes it so easy to have presentable nails and is SO much cheaper than making trips to the nail salon!

K x

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2 thoughts on “Nail HQ gel top coat

  1. I use Nail HQ top coat too. It was on offer at Tesco, which meant it was cheaper than my usual choice (Save the Nail 45 Second Coat). The first time I used it I wasn’t too impressed as it smudged my nail art – I think I hadn’t left enough time for the detail to dry before top coating. So I tried it again, and i actually quite like it! Like you said, it makes the polish stay on quite well and makes it looked brighter. However, it doesnt dry quite as quick as Save the Nail. You should give that a go if you get a chance!


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