Lush northern lights bath bomb

Wow, wow, wowy, wowzers.
I thought I would try out this bath bomb after trying a few other lush products and hearing some pretty good things about this one. I bought it, tried it and loved it!
It cost £3.50 but it’s pretty hefty in size and so I think worth it.


It’s long and purple and looks like one of those giant pavement chalks you had sis a kid, but when you look closely there’s little white stars.

IMG_0350.JPG (don’t you love the under the sea bath stickers!? Haha)

Literally as soon as I dropped it in the bath there was this explosion of purple and fragrance. It’s not the typical sickly sweet scent that I normally go for, it’s a more grown up, relaxing floral smell (according to those floral smells are jasmine and ylang ylang, well I learn something new everyday!)


After a few seconds the surprise of blue and yellow start to show themselves, It just reminded me of those pictures of the galaxy!

After the initial dramatics of the drop and fizz, the colour calms down to a lilac colour with little white stars floating about in your bath!

(you might not be able to see the stars too clearly, I was afraid to get my ipad too close to the water!)

It doesn’t just look and smell amazing though, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling great for hours after. Those little stars I mentioned earlier are like little blobs of moisturiser which sit and soak into your skin. This bath was a thoroughly relaxing experience and I might be treating myself to the northern lights bath bomb a few more times before the end of the season!!

K x

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