Cleaning make up brushes!

My make up brushes are a disgrace to human kind, I don’t think I have ever properly washed them! I think this is one of the factors causing my skin breakouts, so they all received a deep clean tonight so I thought I would show you how I did it.

IMG_3037.JPG (Shameful dirty brushes!)

First I ran all the brushes under lukewarm water (not hot as I didn’t want to melt the glue keeping the metal brush holder part on the wooden handle)


Then I added some baby shampoo to a bowl of warm (still not hot) water and rinsed each brush in the shampoo mix


I then rinsed each brush out under the tap to clear any shampoo off (I didn’t think shampoo would help the skin issue!) and laid them on a paper towel to dry. However my foundation brush was by far the worse and needed washing and rinsing 4 times before it was clean!


Now they are as good as new and hopefully my skin will be better for it!

K x

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5 thoughts on “Cleaning make up brushes!

  1. Mine are WAY over due a clean too! Is there anything else I could use aside from baby shampoo, apart from obvisiously actual brush cleaner? Xx


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