Food diary 5 nov 14

So I am back on it! I well and truly got the wake up call I needed yesterday when I stepped on those dreaded scales :-(. I now know how much I have to lose and more determined than ever! So im going to log my food diary on here for three reasons:
1) so I can keep track of what I am eating
2) to document my meals in case I need some ideas one day
3) in case anyone reads this and is interested in the slimming world plan

So today I had:
Breakfast: fruit and a mullerlight yog
Lunch: ham salad, fat free French dressing
Dinner: paprika chicken with batchelors chicken rice and roasted veg
Snacks: weetabix toffee oaty bar (heb) Miller light cherry yog

Il probably have a Freddo as my bedtime treat which is 5 syns and im going to make myself a latte now with my hea of milk and 2 syns worth of pumpkin spice syrup! Thats 7 syns and both Healthy extras used for the day!

K x

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