Drinking water

Im terrible at remembering to drink water throughout the day, sometimes I get to my evening meal before having a drink. So I have come up with a way to ensure i drink my recommended daily intake of water each day. The nhs recommends women drink 1.6 litres (aprox 2.8 pints) a day.
I bought a big drinking bottle, which holds just over a pint of water. I then make sure I have drunk the full bottle before I can eat my breakfast, again before my lunch and again at dinner. Im not saying I have to drink the full bottle straight before each meal, I drink throughout the day but I must have emptied the bottle before i eat my meal. Three bottles a day = just over 3 pints which is above the recommended amount!
This has the added bonus of preventing me mistaking thirst for hunger, according to purer healthy.com 37% of people make this mistake, so I am only eating when I’m actually hungry!

K x

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