And the diet starts…….Again

Its time to quit with the excuses. As of today i am back on the Slimming world plan because i am unhappy with my body and the way i look, i want to become healthy and i want to be a mum that Oliver can be proud of.

I have done the Slimming world diet before and know the plan inside out. Once you have your head around it, it is easy enough to follow, and the whole family can get involved as well. Although with a husband who refuses to eat fruit and veg sometimes i have to make some alterations!

I was able to lose 4 stone last time i did the diet however bad eating and lifestyle habits have invited that unwanted fat back to settle cosily on my body causing my clothes to not fit and me to basically look like a whale.

So later on i will be weighing myself and working out how much a reasonably need to lose to get back in a healthy weight range however i don’t feel brave enough to share that with the internet just yet.

Anyways I’m off to sort out my food plan, shopping list and look up some exercises i can do at home while Little Swift is napping, wish me luck on my journey, i think it will be a long one!

I might update you later tonight with how the first day went, then again i might not!

K x

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