So this post is a couple of days later than I planned but I got sidetracked! (This is a regular occurrence!)
I had my mum and my little brother come up from Stevenage to stay for the weekend so I was playing host and entertainer.
For Halloween I thought me and the little swift could carve a pumpkin so I got one for us and one for my brother, however when it came time to carve Oliver was sleeping so we carved one and kept the second to make pumpkin spice syrup!
I got so engrossed it the carving I forgot to take a picture!!!! Just imagine the traditional jack-o-lantern, squinty eyes, scary mouth, etc, etc.
Then we went the Bents garden centre, because they have the most amazing scones, they are massive!


The christmas section at Bents takes my breath away, I want my job to be decorating those trees! Also it’s where Mr Swift took my on our first date all those years ago so it holds a special place in my heart (gag, cough, splutter)
Oliver dressed as Mickey Mouse for his first trick or treat, and an adorable Mickey Mouse he was too, however his sweet haul was stolen by his uncle alex and his daddy!

K x

(My Mickey Mouse and his Nanny)

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