Whats in my nappy bag….

Im nosy, really really nosy. So nosy that one of my favourite things to do is look on people’s bags. I’ve spent many an hour pintrest searching “what’s in my bag” so I thought i would do my own “what’s in my bag” blog post. However since wherever I go the Little Swift goes its a “what’s in my nappy bag” instead.

IMG_2970.JPG This is the bag im currently using, I got it from one of the stands at Salford Quays, can’t remember the name of the shop but i have seen them loads of other places since, it’s red and spotty and it’s got a long strap and two front pockets.


This is my bag when it’s all loaded up and when the contents are spilled out.
I use one bag for mine and Olivers things, so I have had to cut down on the crap I was carrying around.

IMG_2974.JPG So I’m starting with my ’emergency’ bag, this bag has got all the little things that I might have to grab quickly, a baby biscuit (Ella’s kitchen vanilla ones that oliver seems to approve of) a spare dummy, a spare weening spoon (I always forget to pack one!), bonjela, teetha granules and a calpol sachet for teething moments and finally some smoothie bite snack things.


IMG_2975.JPG This is a high chair harness which turns a normal chair into a high chair, so I leave it in the bottom of my nappy bag so that if im somewhere where there is no high chair I can safely strap him in and feed him if I need to. Since it all folds up into a little package I keep a spare babygrow in here in case we have a food or nappy incident!


I keep all the changing items in this little pouch that I stole off my mum! This means I can grab it and go without always having to lug the whole bag every where. In this pouch I keep nappies (obs!) wipes, nappy cream, hand sanitizer and nappy bags. I always take my travel changing may with me because I’m a bit funny laying Oliver on public changing tables, this one came with my silver cross changing bag that I don’t use any more!
And that’s everything in my changing bag!

K x

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